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Library of Michigan

Archive-It Partner Since: Dec, 2006

Organization Type: State Archives & Libraries

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The Archives of Michigan seeks to permanently preserve Michigan government information for reference and research purposes. Annual snapshots of the web portal (as well as legislative and judicial branch web pages) will be captured in December of each year.

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Michigan County Government Websites

Archived since: Jun, 2022

No description.

Michigan Government Web Collection

Archived since: Dec, 2006


This collection contains captures of web pages created by Michigan government agencies from the executive, legislative and judicial branches. Archived pages of the State of Michigan websites prior to December 2006 are available on the Wayback Machine, Suggested urls to search include;,,, and

Subject:   Government - US States Government Judicial Branch Legislative Branch State of Michigan Executive Branch

Michigan Tribal Government Websites

Archived since: Dec, 2023

No description.


Archived since: May, 2024

No description.

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