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News Measure Research Project

Archive-It Partner Since: Jun, 2016

Organization Type: Other Institutions

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Cleveland & Akron Project

Archived since: Dec, 2018

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News Measure Research Project

Archived since: Jun, 2016


For this project, Archive-It partnered with researchers at Rutgers University’s School of Communication & Information and the Dewitt Wallace Center for Media and Democracy at Duke University in a project designed to evaluate the health of local media ecosystems as part of the News Measures Research Project, funded by the Democracy Fund. The project is led by Phil Napoli at Duke University and Matthew Weber at Rutgers University. Project staff worked with Archive-It to crawl and archive the homepages of 663 local news websites representing 100 communities across the United States. Seven crawls were run on single days from July through September and captured over 2.2TB of unique data and 16 million URLs.

Subject:   Government - Cities Politics & Elections Society & Culture

Page 1 of 1 (2 Total Results)