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Columbia University Libraries

Archive-It Partner Since: May, 2008

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The Columbia University Libraries (CUL) web resources collection program archives selected websites in thematic areas corresponding to existing CUL collection strengths, websites produced by affiliates of Columbia University, and websites from organizations or individuals whose papers or records are held in CUL's physical archives.

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Art Exhibition Websites

Archived since: Jan, 2023


A growing collection of museum and gallery websites documenting art exhibitions, focusing on exhibitions for which supplementary publications (such as exhibition catalogs) are not readily available. This web archive aims to preserve these sites as a way of documenting the exhibitions and making the relevant information available and discoverable for current and future researchers. When available, artists’ names are included in the website descriptions to facilitate keyword searching. At present, the collection focuses on exhibitions featuring BIPOC artists. Click here to recommend a website for inclusion in this collection.

Subject:   Arts & Humanities Art--Exhibitions

Burke Library

Archived since: Jun, 2022


A collection of websites associated with organizations for which the Burke Library at Union Theological Seminary also holds physical archival materials. These websites therefore augment or help contextualize the other archival materials and collections.

Subject:   Society & Culture

Democracy Reform and Voting Rights in the United States

Archived since: Mar, 2021


In 2020 the ongoing partisan struggle in the United States between advocates for voting rights and official proponents of voter suppression measures came to a head during a bitter presidential election campaign conducted amidst the substantial additional challenges to participatory democracy posed by the global pandemic. The election saw historic turnout, but also a sustained effort by the defeated incumbent to challenge the election’s legitimacy, spurring a violent insurrection on the Capitol on January 6, 2021 to attempt to disrupt the U.S Congress from certifying the Electoral College results. As the Biden administration gets underway with narrow Democratic Party control of the House and Senate, while legislatures in multiple states are advancing new voter restrictions, structural democracy reform and voting rights will be at the heart of major legislative debates in 2021 and beyond. Columbia University Libraries has initiated a new thematic web archive collection devoted to documenting these historic debates and any ensuing legislation, both at the national and in selected local contexts, focusing on democracy reform and voting rights and subtopics including: campaign finance reform; electoral college reform (including the National Popular Vote interstate compact); the equal-time rule; gerrymandering; ranked-choice voting; universal voter registration; voter identification; voter suppression; DC Statehood; Puerto Rico Statehood; and Supreme Court expansion/reform.

Subject:   Government - National Government - US States Politics & Elections Puerto Rico Washington (D.C.) U.S. states Statehood (American politics) Representative government and representation Suffrage Voting Democracy

Frank Lloyd Wright

Archived since: Dec, 2019


A collection focused on the official websites of public and residential buildings and other sites designed by Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959), many of which are maintained as historic house museums or available for overnight rentals. The collection also includes the websites of foundations or associations devoted to Wright and his work. Included websites were originally archived beginning in 2010 as part of the Avery Library Historic Preservation and Urban Planning web collection; in 2020 this standalone collection devoted solely to Frank Lloyd Wright websites was initiated, and the remaining majority of archived websites in the Avery Library collection were renamed the New York City Places and Spaces web archive.

Subject:   Arts & Humanities Prairie school (Architecture) Usonian houses Historic house museums Historic preservation Historic buildings--Conservation and restoration Wright, Frank Lloyd, 1867-1959

Freely Accessible eJournals

Archived since: Jun, 2015


A collection of electronic journals freely accessible on the web. The collection represents a pilot group of titles selected to evaluate strategies for expanding the preservation of eJournal content. Titles included span a wide variety of subjects.

Subject:   Arts & Humanities Society & Culture


Archived since: Dec, 2009


Websites of research interest selected for preservation by Columbia University selectors and curators that are not part of a themed collection.

Subject:   Science & Health

Human Rights

Archived since: May, 2008


An initiative of CUL's Center for Human Rights Documentation and Research, the Human Rights Web Archive is an effort to preserve and ensure access to freely available human rights resources created mainly by non-governmental organizations, national human rights institutions, and individuals.

Subject:   Society & Culture Web archives National human rights institutions Human rights workers Non-governmental organizations Human rights

New York City Places and Spaces

Archived since: Jan, 2010


A growing collection of websites selected by the Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library staff for web archiving preservation by the Columbia University Libraries' Web Resources Collection Program. Website captures began in 2010 and are ongoing; in 2020, to reflect the collection's evolving subject focus, the collection title was changed to 'New York City Places and Spaces' (from the original 'Avery Library Historic Preservation and Urban Planning'). The collection's principal thematic focus is documenting the evolution of the built environment and public spaces in and around New York City through the interaction of historic preservation efforts and new development projects within urban planning debates. Selected websites are mostly published by non-profit groups or individuals based in the New York City area, including historic preservation groups, neighborhood associations, community development groups, public policy organizations, parks and open space conservancies, and both sponsors and critics of ongoing development projects.

Subject:   Arts & Humanities Government - Cities Society & Culture Community development Public spaces Parks City planning Historic preservation Architecture

New York City Religions

Archived since: May, 2010


The Burke Library seeks to identify and preserve for the future information in the fields of religion, theology, and contextually related areas of study. In support of this mission, this collection archives the websites of religious communities located in New York City.

Subject:   Arts & Humanities Society & Culture Universities & Libraries Theology Religion Religious communities

Rare Book and Manuscript Library

Archived since: Jul, 2011


A collection of websites associated with individuals and organizations whose archival papers and/or records are part of the Rare Books and Manuscript Library at Columbia University

Subject:   Arts & Humanities Society & Culture Universities & Libraries


Archived since: Apr, 2017


The Resistance web archive is a thematic collection, created by Columbia University Libraries, of websites documenting and embodying grass roots political resistance activities in the United States arising in the wake of the election and inauguration of Donald Trump. Includes selected web resources focused on: protest/demonstration planning; calls to action and guidelines for political participation by citizens; official statements in response to controversial executive orders; campaigns to contain and mitigate the effects of specific dramatic policy shifts; published whistleblower or other reports of dissent by government officials; official congressional investigation reports; and newspaper board editorials addressing impeachment . Archiving of selected websites began in April 2017, with periodic re-crawls of those websites that continued to be updated, and new websites were added to the collection as they were identified. The collection ceased new crawls in February 2021, shortly after the conclusion of Donald Trump's presidency and his second impeachment.

Subject:   Politics & Elections Spontaneous Events Political participation Opposition (Political philosophy) Demonstrations Government, Resistance to Trump, Donald, 1946- Trump, Donald, 1946- --Impeachment

Stonewall 50 Commemoration

Archived since: May, 2019


A collection of web content archived by Columbia University Libraries in June 2019 commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising. Stonewall is one of the key events in the history of civil rights and the most important single event in the development of the modern gay rights movement. The Stonewall 50 celebration and commemoration was observed all over the world, with the central focus on New York City. Much of the selected web content was produced by the member institutions comprising the Stonewall 50 Consortium (largely NYC-based, with a few national and international organizations as well). Archived content includes commemorative websites featuring video or audio interviews with original participants in the Stonewall uprising, historical essays, and many special event and exhibition listings to help document how the anniversary was celebrated. The collection was proposed by Prof. Andrew S. Dolkart, Columbia GSAPP.

Subject:   Society & Culture Stonewall Riots, New York, N.Y., 1969--Anniversaries, etc. Stonewall Inn (New York, N.Y.) Gay rights

University Archives

Archived since: Apr, 2010


The University Archives preserves the institutional memory of Columbia University from its founding in 1754 to the present-day. The Archives aims to identify, appraise, collect, describe, preserve and, where appropriate, make available to administrators, researchers, and the general public University records which document the evolution of the University in all its variety including its contributions to teaching and research; the development of schools, academic departments and programs, institutes, and administrative units; campus life; public service; and the University’s role in the history of the metropolitan, national, and international communities. As part of our mission, the University Archives has partnered with the Columbia University Libraries' Web Resources Collection Program to preserve a record of Columbia's web presence in this Archive-It collection since 2010. In January 2022, the collection was supplemented with a Waybackfill of all the archived data from the domain between 1996 and 2009 available in the Internet Archive's global Wayback Machine, in order to provide collection users with seamless access to a fuller range of archived Columbia web content.

Subject:   Universities & Libraries Columbia University

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