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Coastal & Island Life

Collected by: National Library of Ireland

Archived since: Aug, 2019


A collection of websites relating to life in coastal areas and on islands.

Subject:   Arts & Humanities Blogs & Social Media Society & Culture Culture,  Society ,  Islands Tourism

Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Collected by: National Library of Ireland

Archived since: Mar, 2020


This collection will archive websites related to the health sector, finance, the response to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, Irish society and culture. Websites relating to the Irish media, the HSE, the HSPC and the Irish government were archived on a weekly basis until the first phase of the Irish government's re-opening plan. This collection is continuously being updated.

Subject:   Government Society & Culture Science & Health,  Society ,  Government Health Finance Covid-19

Cuba in the News

Collected by: University of North Carolina

Archived since: Sep, 2013


The updates from these news media sources range in topic and subject matter. They include but are not limited to the subjects of Cuban politics, government policy, economic status, international activity, as well as sports, culture, and various observed social phenomena.

Subject:   Government - National Politics & Elections Society & Culture Cuba Politics Sports Current Events Culture Caribbean Island News Republic of Cuba Online Press Economy,  Society

Greater Dayton Area History

Collected by: Tipp City Public Library

Archived since: Sep, 2021


This collection aims to document the web history of the Greater Dayton Area in the Miami Valley. It pays particular attention to daily life as well as significant events in the area.

Subject:   Politics & Elections Society & Culture Arts & Humanities history,  society ,  culture human rights


Collected by: National Library of Ireland

Archived since: Jul, 2019


The collection reflects contemporary LGBTI+ life in Ireland. This collection will be updated on a continuous basis.

Subject:   Arts & Humanities Society & Culture,  Society ,  Culture LGBTI+

New Brunswick Speaks with Joyce Browning Podcast

Collected by: New Brunswick Free Public Library

Archived since: Mar, 2019


Joyce Browning interviews guests from our local cultural and art community, health care services, individuals and organizations in and around New Brunswick.

Subject:   Arts & Humanities Society & Culture Science & Health Community Engagement,  Society ,  Arts and Culture Entertainment

Page 1 of 1 (6 Total Results)