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Collected by: NYC Public School 56 Q - The Harry Eichler School

Archived since: Mar, 2009


These websites gives cool pictures & charts of cyrptids. This subject is about creatures that exist but have not yet been accepted by the scientific community. Some of these are animals that are hybrids, combinations that science has yet to categorize. We believe that they exist somewhere in this world. This is a field that combines fact and fiction and you sometimes have to suspend belief. For example, some charts include information about if the cryptids if they have been identified their scientific name, and where they were discovered.

Subject:   Cryptids mythology imaginary animals animals yet to be proven to science hybrids

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Title: Cryptozoology


Description: Learn more about Loch Ness Monsters, The Yeti, Bigfoot, Mothman, Jersey Devil, The Bermuda Triangle, Crop Circles, and other unusual, scary, cryptids around the world!

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